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Security    Never a day goes by without news of house-breaking and burglary. Statistics are alarmingly high! The standard features of Heinzmann proprietary windows embody a high degree of safety. This can be enhanced by fitting appropriate hardware, glass and security handles designed in accordance with the guidelines laid down for burglar-deterrent windows.

   Make the secure choice!

   You have the possibility of effective defense against burglars! Results of numerous investigations indicate that nearly all incidental criminals can be dissuaded even by simple security measures. Almost one break-in out of three failed because of the presence of security measures!

   Properly secured windows offer resistance!

   Hardware makes the window. Hardware not only provides maximum convenience when opening and closing, but is also the decisive factor in the security of the window.

   Lock up the shutters!

   Unfortunately, very few roller shutters on the market are resistant to break-ins. When installing new units, it is best to use tested roller shutters of metal or a material of equivalent quality, with automatic anti-lift locks. Existing roller shutters should be secured with a non-bending locking system to prevent raising or removal from the tracks.

   Now it’s up to you!

   The security for your home is in your hands. Don’t wait any longer. ACT NOW !

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